These are my key takeaways after watching this video from NNgroup: “A.I & Machine Learning Will Change UX Research & Design”

  • Computers will become better at understanding users’ intent, reading between the lines and leveraging context awareness.
  • A.I will enable better biometric interpretation (emotion recognition and interpretation) which could be helpful in User Research
  • Automatic transcription of user interview, usability study… will become common. Key insights of what A.I considers to be worth designers’ attention will be highlighted, therefore improving efficiency.
  • A.I-led interviews could result in more honest answers since humans won’t fear being judged as much as they would in front of another person. In other words, it could help in mitigating the ‘Social desirability bias’.
  • A.I will be leveraged so that it produces computer-generated  UI layouts that comply with a set of predefined rules & design principles. Reducing manual labour for designers and empowering them to focus on higher-value work.
  • A.I could perform real-time analytics and send notifications to designers when a pattern worth considering arises.
  • A.I won’t remove the need for UX work since we’ll need an even deeper understanding of people before we can safely address their problems/needs with A.I and machine learning.
  • A.I shouldn’t contribute to reducing the number of UX Designers in the near future. The demand for UX work will remain high and we will keep needing human-led analysis
  • Designers will be able to achieve more thanks to A.I. As a result, some parts of the work that UX Designers currently do will become cheaper—since made easier by A.I.